NOW REAL ESTATE is an enterprise that entered Real Estate business with a very different perspective from the other firms, introducing the lowest commission of the market - only 2.99%.

NOW REAL ESTATE is proud to have reached, in record time, a very significant part of the local market, which is proved in the quantity of homes to sell and sold with our outdoors on São Miguel island. This is the result of the above perspective, as well as the quality demanded by our managers, followed by their assistants and felt by their clients. This quality that we want - and we foresee that it will increase - will be a priority in the measures to be taken by NOW.

We also provide extra Real Estate activities, specially the sponsoring of social activities, such as promotion campaigns of breast-feeding carried out by skilled nurses in Portas da Cidade; cultural activities, such as the publishing of a book written by an Azorean author; sport activities, namely All-Terrain and Cruise Sailing.

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Ponta Delgada store
Vila Franca do Campo store